Liverpool – Painter’s Monday Musings (NEW)

Welcome Football Purists and Liverpool fans to a new series we’re testing out!  It’s me, Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) from the Talk On podcast here on the keys. I wanted to run through some quick bits from the weekend following Liverpool’s 4-nil thrashing of West Ham, with a focus on City & Arsenal
Manchester City: 3rd Not 4th
Liverpool currently sit in 3rd with one game to play. Everyone knows if the Reds beat Boro Sunday, we secure top 4 – too easy. However, I think 3rd should be the aim – which means City will need to drop points against either West Brom (8th) at home or Watford (16th) away the last day of the season. City sit on 72pts, if they win out, they finish at 78. If they draw vs. West From and win one vs. Watford and we beat Boro, then it comes down to goal differential, in which case City currently have a one goal advantage on Liverpool, which the Reds can make up against a shameful Middlesborough defense, but the they’ll need a 4 or 5 goal performance.
Arsenal: Hopes Fading Fast
Arsenal have games midweek against Sunderland and then finish off against the Blueshite Everton. Arsenal are playing well, I expect them to roll over Sunderland and you cant count on everton to not helping us out.  They likely win out and finish on 75 points. They currently sit on GD of 29, considering they will likely thrash Sunderland and beat Everton I could 35 or 36 as their ending GD.
Bottom line for Liverpool
As we all know, first order of business is to secure top 4 with a win Sunday over Boro. Although 3rd is very attainable, City look strong with Jesus back in the lineup, but if West Brom keep it tight defensively and Watford will lash on big donkeys and make it tough for City as they do with everyone. We could see ourselves in 3rd with automatic qualification to the group stages of Champions League.
PS: 6th Place United Resting for AFC Ajax
United will finish 6th, 71 pts will be their max (lol).  With Mourinho’s priorities clear, I expect he will rest everyone against Palace the last game of the season before the Europa Final that Wednesday.  Come on Ajax!