Your Liverpool Decoder Ring – Who to Trust on Twitter

Football Purists, Liverpool lifers, casual Premier League observers…  Silly season is indeed here, and this transfer window has all of our heads spinning.  Following the transfer market the last few weeks has been like watching modern day politics; it is close to impossible to discern who and what is real, who is just baiting for clicks on a web page, who is stirring the pot for fun, and who has some semblance of journalistic integrity and actual knowledge of what is going on.  Cough Coutinho.  Cough Van Dijk.  You get it.

Well, if you’re looking for some guidance on trustworthy LFC news sources, you’ve come to the right place.  In the following anxiety-reducing lines, we will quickly lay out our opinion leaders, where you can find them, and why we trust them.

Why are we doing this?  The saga surrounding Coutinho’s recently “completed” transfer to Barcelona made it abundantly clear that the LFC news-cycle is littered with click baiters and time wasters looking to drive their ad serving and line their pockets by posting utter nonsense.  The worst of them?  Fake “in the know” claimed accounts on Twitter that are always playing a guessing game based on single or no source.  To try and prevent a repeat of the chaos that happened over the past few days and to assist in killing kill fake stories before they gain too much momentum, we are hoping to help supporters find out where to get reliable and informed news about our club.

So who should you follow to get real news about Liverpool FC?

The Good LFC Journos

Liverpool supporters will recognize a lot of these names.

Tony Barrett has been one of the strongest supporter names historically.  He is well respected and always insightful.

Andy Hunter and Paul Joyce have built up a similar reputation as journalists for national media.

James Pearce has been the Liverpool Echo’s beat writer for a number of years.  He had his share of knocks during the Rodgers years, but the same is true for many at the club.  James is best for official or about-to-be-official news, or club happenings, especially on the road.  He is a solid reporter.

Melissa Reddy is part of the newer school of journos. Melissa seems to always be in the know, with accurate and balanced reporting.

All top quality journos on this list, and they will serve you well.

  • Tony Barrett (@TonyBarrett) – Head of Club and Supporter Liaison at Liverpool FC
  • Andy Hunter (@AHunterGuardian) – Football Journalist for The Guardian, based in Liverpool
  • Melissa Reddy (@MelissaReddy_) – Liverpool Correspondent for Goal’s 38 territories around the globe
  • Paul Joyce (@_pauljoyce) – Northern Football Correspondent for The Times
  • James Pearce (@JamesPearceEcho) – Liverpool FC Beat Reporter for the Liverpool Echo
  • Chris Bascombe (@_chrisbascombe) – Merseyside Football Reporter for Telegraph Media Group

The True Trustworthy “ITK”

Graeme Kelly is close to being a journalist without being an actual journalist.  The man has zero media or club affiliation, yet he seems to always be the first to know new information and one of the voices of reason that can help separate the facts from the noise.

  • Graeme Kelly (@GraemeKelly1) – Fan! Season Ticket Holder, Insider

Salient Quotes and News Updates

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our favorite Swede, Viktor Fagerström, and why he is so special.  Vik is the master summarizer of the most important facts you’ll find in all the trustworthy LFC articles, while also usually being at the center of breaking news.

  • Viktor Fagerström (@ViktorFagerLFC) – News and Stats
Now, do you want your life to get exponentially less stressful?  Then go follow these sources and stop stressing over non-sense, click-bait stories.  There are still a few long weeks until this transfer window slams shut, but it is safe to say that the well-being of every LFC supporter can be made better by the fanbase getting information from these reliable sources instead of spreading panic via baseless rumors and stories from “sources in Spain”.   Just ask one of our contributors, Stephen Luna (@stephen_luna).  His neighbors in Texas can often hear him banging his head against a wall because of fake LFC news.  So, if for no other reason, follow these sources for the sake of his health.
We’ve also created a Twitter list of these great news sources, which you can follow here!


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