Premier League, Match Week 1 – Stats to Know

Every week, Football Purists will be putting together a set of interactive visuals for our visitors to explore. These visuals will include statistics from Opta that we have hand picked. After every game week we will update these statistics for you with a new post.

Below are statistics from the first Game Week of the Premier League. (make sure you hover over the circles)
Passing Success: I’ve always been a fan of looking at opposition passing success rate of. I like to look at which teams have the highest passing % and how that correlates within the opponent’s half/final third.

(please note we are working to change the last row when you hover to say Passing Success not Success Success)

Bad Touches and Possession Lost: Bad touches on the field can often times lead to loss of possession. This statistic may be important if your team is playing (or has played) opposition labeled as a counter attacking team because bad touches and loss of possession can lead to the opponent launching one of those deadly counterattacks they are known for.

Challenges Lost: Cant get any more straight forward than this. I am curious to see which team ends up with the most challenges lost this season.

Chances Created: Here is one of my favorite stats because you can see what percentage of the chances created come from which zones.

Minutes Per Chance: As the season moves forward it will be interesting to see who maintains the best minute per chance ratio. As a bonus we added the “hit the wood work” stat!

Shot Conversion: Shots are important to scoring goals, so this visualization shows shot accuracy, successful shots, and the percent of shots that lead to goals.

Successful Corners: Which team will have the best corner conversion rate? (a conversion = an attempt)

Total Successful Crosses: You will be able to see how many successful crosses each team has and which side it will most likely come from.

Crosses Conceded: Which side of the defensive is more susceptible to allowing a cross come in?

Once again, we are looking to update these stats at the end of each game week. Which statistic stood out most to you for the first Gameweek of the Premier League?

Feedback is welcome, please comment below if you have any suggestions!