Why The New Look? A Deep Dive Into Our Facelift

Football, like everything else in this universe evolves to adapt to its current times. Likewise, we wanted to evolve from our legendary and iconic “FP” brand to something that illustrated our culture, our passions and our community.


Whats new:

  • Podcast intros and outros: Every podcast received a audio-facelift with new intros and outros. You will notice a new music track, an iconic play call that will remind you of a moment in time when you, once again, fell in-love. Here is a sample track (let is play as you continue to read; it will get you “in the mood”):
  • Podcast logos: She has to be pretty inside and outside. With the new podcast logos, we wanted to encapsulate legends of each team, in black and white with our iconic new branding. Here are the two:


  • New website: The new site is simple, clean and elegant. As you navigate through, you will notice a bit more about us, direct links to our podcasts, NEW MERCH and a way to get a hold of us.
    • Note: You may see a pop-up when you first visit our site again. Don’t you worry, it is intended to show you how you can add our website to your Home Screen (iPhone users) so you can have easy access to our content, as if it were an app.
  • NEW MERCH: [insert shameless plug here] It is no secret that we do this out of passion for football and your generous donations have helped us expand consistently. But NOW, you can support us monetarily and get something SUPER COOL in return. Check out the merch, place and order and support Football Purists.
  • New logo: This is where it all begins and ends as well. Our new logo is a representation of you, us and our sport. We love it and we are proud of our new colors, font, design and meaning. Here is a quick explanation of it all:


We hope you enjoy our refreshed look. While keeping true to our vision, we have a new way to look at things. The Football Purists way.


Cisco. Co-founder, Chief Creative