Premier League, Match Week 3 – Stats to Know

What an exciting weekend in the Premier League!  20 goals were scored, with five of the scoring teams (Swansea City, Newcastle United, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool) also going on to win with a clean sheet.  These games accounted for 65% of the goals scored over the weekend.

The likes of Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, and West Ham United still have zero points after three games played, making them the obvious losers so far.  Meanwhile, the newly promoted teams are doing fairly well.  Huddersfield Town, the belle of the recently promoted ball, is sitting pretty in third place with two wins and a draw, Newcastle blasted West Ham with three goals.  Brighton and Hove Albion earned a valuable point against Watford to secure 17th position right before the international break.

Manchester United continues to pace the league in goals with 10, while not conceding any, and holding 1st in the Premier League for another week with 35 matches still to play.  Liverpool climbed to 2nd after their demolition of Arsenal.  Huddersfield Town is still a pleasant surprise with their early success in 3rd, just starting to drop points at home vs. Southampton.  Manchester City occupy 4th after Sterling scored a very late deciding goal and received a red for excessive celebration with the away fans (stupid).  Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the statistics that paint the picture of Match Week 3 in the Premier League.


Total and Successful Passes: After three games, Spurs have the most accurate passing with 87% of their 1,857 passes successful. Both Manchester clubs are equal at 86.8%.  On the other end of the spectrum, Newcastle has the lowest pass accuracy (67%), followed by West Bromwich Albion (68.1%), both teams playing primarily behind the ball.



Successful Passes per Field Location: When we look at what part of the pitch the passes are coming from, Manchester City attempted the most passes (1,920) with just over half occurring in the opposition half with 86.6% accuracy.  974 of City’s passes (24%) occurred in the final third with 83.6% accuracy.  West Brom, with their playing style, have the lowest number of passes with 742.  230 (31%) of West Brom’s passes were in the opposition half (77.4% accurate) and only 104 passes (14%) were in the final third, with 76% accuracy.



Bad Touches and Possession Lost: Crystal Palace have lost possession more than any other team, giving up the ball 58 times in three matches.  To put that in perspective, Brighton have given up possession only 19 times, the lowest of any team in the Premier League thus far.  Swansea, similar to Liverpool, have the highest correlation between bad touches (33) and lost possession (34). Manchester City have 47 bad touches, the most of any team so far, while West Ham have the fewest bad touches in the league (good for last place in the league, ironically).



Challenges Lost: Watford has the fewest number of challenges lost (17). United, Spurs, and Southampton are in a 3-way tie for second fewest challenges lost (18).  Leicester is leading the league in lost challenges (38) and Everton have the second most (37).  Not so far behind, due to their respective issues defending as a unit, are Liverpool (30) and Arsenal (29).



Chances Created: United and Spurs have created the most chances (46) thus far.  37% of United’s chances came from the center of the park, 41% left, and 21% from the right.  Tottenham created 34% chances in the center, 33% equally from left & right flank.  Swansea, meanwhile, created the fewest chances in the league (10), 60% from the right, 40% collectively came from the center and left. Bournemouth created the second fewest chances (14), center 43% of the time, 36% left, and 21% right.



Attempts: Spurs and United lead this category too, with 64 and 60 respective attempts.  Owing to their current run of form, United is enjoying more shots on target (20), while Spurs see fewer minutes between chances (4.5 minutes per chance).  Swansea recorded the fewest number of attempts, with 16.  Swansea consequently also have the longest wait time for chances, with over 17.5 minutes passing between each attempt.  Liverpool leading the way with most shots on target (28), while Swansea again bookending with the least (4).  Manchester City had 3 attempts hit the wood work, the most of any team thus far.



Shot Conversion: Liverpool is the most efficient team in terms of shots taken and shots on goal.  With three games in the books, their side boasts 51% of their shots on target.  Not surprisingly, this has led to 8 goals in just three matches.  Despite this, United have a better percentage of their shots leading to goals; 16% of United’s to Liverpool’s 14.5%.  Southampton has seen 18.4% of their shots hitting the target, the lowest of any Premier League side.  Lowest shot percentage that leads to a goal award goes to Crystal Palace and Brighton who both, sadly, have not scored any goals so far this season.



Successful Corners: Despite being woeful at defending corner kicks (among other types of set pieces), Liverpool is leading the league in corner success with a conversion rate of 54.5%, having taken 11 corners in the last 3 games.  At the other end, Arsenal is the league’s worst when it comes to successful corner kicks, having taken 21 total, 14% of which are successful.  For those who saw the match at the weekend (#LIVvsARS), this is a telling stat for these two teams, for reasons that are fairly obvious.



Total and Successful Crosses: Just as they lead the way with successful corners, Liverpool also have the highest percentage of total crosses being completed to a team member.  The Reds lead with a success rate of 35%, 61% of their crosses coming from the left (Alberto Moreno primarily with Andy Robertson mixed in vs. Crystal Palace) and 39% from the right (Joe Gomez). Huddersfield Town have only a 16% success rate with their corners, with 59% coming from the left and 41% coming from the right.



Crosses Conceded: West Brom have conceded more crosses than any team in the Premier League with 78.  54 of those crosses were conceded on the left and 24 conceded from the right; a stat that probably doesn’t bother Tony Pulis excessively, having only conceded 1 goal so far through 3 matches – defending largely the reason why.  Manchester City has been tightest defending crosses, allowing only 26 to opposing players, 14 of these came from the left, 12 came from the right.


This completes the statistical picture through Premier League Match Week 3.  Look for our next report after international break. And please join the conversation; tell us which of these resonate most, and which stats aren’t here that you want to see.  We appreciate the feedback!