Week 4 – Defending Stats

Let’s now take a look at the other 1/2: the defense.  Basically, which teams can shut up shop when needed and which simply can’t (lookin at you, West Ham). We’re trying to help you cut through the noise, so you know why United & City are off to such a hot start, and why Liverpool, ArsenalLeicester City are all having such a hard time behind the ball. Liverpool numbers this week of course skewed by their 5-0 drubbing away at the Etihad, but it all counts the same.

Who would have imagined Huddersfield Town, 3 clean sheets in 4 matches, only recently showing the Championship in them, falling to West Ham 2-0 at London Stadium.  So much for the magic of Leicester City 15/16?  

Going right to the score board, let’s look at who’s allowing the most goals through match week 4 in the Premier League. Hover over to see how your favorite side performed.

As we start peeling the onion – looking at who’s conceding the most shots – the difference between the clubs becomes clearer.  Skewed or not by the result at the weekend, Manchester City is showing early returns from their oft-mentioned & made-fun-of defensive upgrade in the summer, now pacing the Premier League along with Chelsea & United in fewest shots conceded (50).  At the opposite end, Liverpool, Arsenal no different than Swansea giving up their unfair share of shots; no doubt complicating their ambitions for top 4 (61). Don’t forget to see how your favorite club performed by hovering.

And WHY are these teams conceding so much relative to their peers, or the opposite, how is Bournemouth pulling it off in open play?  You look at who is allowing the most chances, how stingy is each team, and which part of the park are the chances coming from? Again, last PSA for numerical values by hovering.

Diving that final layer deeper, into the CH play, you see clearly for instance, why Arsenal‘s finding it difficult to keep clean sheets early, their sub-standard defensive play with Koscielny, Mustafi & Monreal all still finding their rhythm, creating problems especially on days they can’t score goals. A category Liverpool fans would call simply “Dejan Lovren” – how do the clubs measure up on defensive slips & errors.

I’ll be back next week to see how more anomalies on both ends of the spectrum emerge.