Week 4 – Passing Stats

The international break has finally ended and we can all get back to what we really love, domestic league and Champions League football. We have a couple of interesting passing statistics to share, with a visualization for each so you can get a better image in your head as to how each team is doing passing-wise in the Premier League. We run down the top two teams, the bottom two teams, and usually mention an interesting alternative statistic outside of what the raw data show. Here are the numbers after four games!

Bad Touches and Lost Possession: One would think that the more bad touches a team has, the more that team will lose possession of the ball. This visual shows that is not necessarily the case. This visual shows that teams below the seven teams that populate the space between 40-50 bad touches and lost possession, were punished less for their bad touches than those teams that are above that group of seven teams. Arsenal, Huddersfield Town, Liverpool, Newcastle, Swansea, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Bromwich Albion are teams where if a bad touch occurs, they will almost certainly lose possession of the ball. Find out if your team is hard done, off the hook, or justly punished for the crime of a bad touch by hovering over each plot on the graph!

Successful Passes:
clear cut and positive correlation in the footballing world. This visual is pretty self-explanatory. The more a team passes, the more successful passes there will be. Manchester City leads the way 2,325 of their 2,649 total passes being successful. That is a passing success rate of 87.8%. Cross town rivals Manchester United are close behind, though. 1,989 of their 2,290 passes were successful for a success rate of 86.9%. Newcastle has the worst passing record in the Premier League up to this point. They have recorded a passing success rate of 69%, with 847 of 1,228 total passes being successful. Leicester City is not far off, having a success rate of 73% with 950 of their 1,301 total passes making it to a friendly player.

Those are your passing stats up to the fourth game week in the Premier League. Join us next week to see if any changes have been made!


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  1. Bob

    Newcastle is clearly the best passing team in the league. Completing more than 100% of their passes. Then again, Rafa is an amazing coach , so no surprises there.

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