Week 5 – Attacking Stats

Week 5 in the Premier League is in the books. Here is your round up for attacking stats in the Premier League through five games! Be sure to hover over each visual to see how your team is performing, as only the top and bottom few in each category will be discussed in the content.

Chances Created: Last week, Manchester United and Arsenal led the league with 59 chances created over four games. Tottenham Hotspur was trailing by 2 chances through the same amount of games. This week, Liverpool have surpassed both Manchester United, Arsenal, and Sours to become the sole chance creation leader in the Premier League with 77 total chances after five games. Spurs are behind the Reds by one chance after five games, also. Last week Swansea and Bournemouth created the least chances in open play. Those standings remain, with Swansea only creating one more chance, bringing their grand total from 17 to 18. Bournemouth has created the second least amount of chances with 27 created. That is up from 18 total chances created through four games.

Total Attempts: After game week four, Tottenham Hotspur had more attempts than any team. Spurs recorded 79 total attempts, 23 attempts on target, and could expect an attempt on goal to be made every 5 minutes. Manchester United was hot on their trail, though, with one fewer total attempts, 28 attempts on target, and attempts being made every 4.8 minutes. This week, Spurs are leading again with 105 total attempts, 31 of which are on target. Their minutes per attempt rate has decreased from 4.9 minutes to 4.6 minutes per chance. Liverpool has the second most total attempts with 97 total and 40 on target. The team can expect an attempt to be made every 5 minutes. It should be noted that last week, Liverpool had the highest attempt accuracy at 50%. That rate has dropped to 41%. Swansea remains the team with the fewest amount of attempts being made. They have recorded only 30 total attempts, with 7 of those being on target and coming at a rate of one chance every 15.8 minutes. Bournemouth has left its title of second fewest attempts to Everton this week. The Toffees have 42 total attempts, 10 on target, and coming at a rate of one attempt every 11.3 minutes.

Total Goals: Arguably the most intriguing storyline to follow so far is occurring in Manchester. Both clubs have the same points, goals for, and goals against. Looking at the “goals for” part of this story, both teams have 16 goals. The location where the goals were scored are also identical with 14 goals coming from inside the box and the other 2 from outside the box. Interesting scenes thus far. Just as the Manchester teams have the same amount of goals, so to do Everton and Swansea. Their goal total is just 3, leaving both teams at the bottom of the goals tally for the Premier League.

Crosses: The weak negative correlation between total crosses and cross success found after game week four is still evident up to this week. To illustrate, Burnley has the highest cross success rate (30.7%) after making 88 total crosses. Bournemouth has recorded just two fewer total crosses (86), but their success rate is much lower at 20.9%. Chelsea is another example, having recorded 96 total crosses and a success rate of only 18.8%. Manchester United and Tottenham, however, prove that the more you cross, the worse your success rate will be. The teams have recorded 136 and 141 total crosses respectively, with a success rate hovering around 20%.

Corners: This metric really does not have any correlation between the two statistics. There are a few interesting outliers that contribute to an argument that having fewer corners increases your corner conversion rate or an argument for the opposite case. However, it seems that no matter how many corners a team takes, the conversion rate will be between 20% and 35%. Swansea, Everton, and Burnley all have the highest corner conversion rate at 50%, while each team has variable corner totals. Swansea with 12, Everton with 18, and Burnley with 22 total corners. Chelsea and Arsenal occupy the bottom part of this visual with 31 and 32 total corners respectively. Chelsea’s conversion rate is at 9.7%, while Arsenal has a slightly better conversion rate at 12.5%.

That is your attacking statistics round up. There were some movers in the league, as discussed above; and we are finding out what types of attacking plays matter, who is making the most of their chances and attempts, and who is staying stagnant after five weeks of league play. Join us next week to see how the picture changes!