Week 6 – Passing Stats

Week six in the Premier League is in the books. Here are your passing stats round up through six games of Premier League action! Be sure to hover over each visual to see how your team is performing, as only the top and bottom few in each category will be discussed in the content.

Bad Touches and Possession Lost: Last week, teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur had a close relationship to lost possession and bad touches. This week, things have changed a bit. Crystal Palace have lost the ball 85 times and had 86 bad touches. Newcastle is in a similar position, having lost possession 68 times and had 69 bad touches. Teams that can say their bad touches don’t necessarily cost possession of the ball include Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City, and Watford. Manchester United is the only team that has fewer bad touches than times the team lost possession.

Passing Success: Manchester City remains the most successful passing side in the Premier League after six games. The team have a passing success rate of 88.7%. Spurs also retain their position as second best passing team (85.4%), despite registering fewer passes than rivals Arsenal. Newcastle United remain the worst passing team, but have increased their success rate from 69.2% to 71.7%. They are tied as the least successful passing team with Leicester City. West Bromwich-Albion (73.3%) and Burnley (73.2%) are close to sharing the second least successful passing teams in the league.

That will do it for the passing statistics for this week! Not a lot has changed, however, it appears Newcastle is becoming better at passing. Find out if Manchester City will remain the best passing side in the league, or if Spurs will pass over them in the coming weeks. Be sure to share our work! See you next week.