Week 7 – Attacking Stats

Here are your attacking stats round up through seven games of Premier League action! Be sure to hover over each visual to see how your team is performing, as only the top and bottom few in each category will be discussed in detail.

Chances Created: For the third week running, Liverpool maintain their top spot as chance creation leaders with 107 total chances created through sevem games. Manchester City also remains as the second highest chance creating team in the league with 101 chances. Swansea has stayed in the last spot in terms of chance creation for a very long time, and that holds true after seven games, creating just 28 chances. Leicester has the second least created chances, with 43 being created through seven games.

Total Attempts: Liverpool have overtaken Tottenham Hotspur as Premier League attempt leaders. The Reds have recorded 137 total attempts, 48 attempts on target, and could expect an attempt on goal to happen every 4.9 minutes. Manchester City has the second most attempts on target, having taken just two fewer than Liverpool. The blue side of Manchester had 52 attempts on target and their total attempts came at a rate of 4.9 minutes between each attempt. Teams with the fewest attempts have not changed between game week five and this week. Swansea remains the team with the fewest number of attempts being made, and have held this position for the last three game weeks. The Welsh club has made 46 attempts on goal, 11 have been accurate, and have come at a rate of one attempt every 14.5 minutes. Burnley have the second fewest attempts at 61 total attempts on target. The Clarets have 17 attempts on target and expect an attempt to be made every 10.9 minutes.

Total Goals: Manchester City continue to have the most goals scored in the Premier League, however they found it a little harder to score against Chelsea than it was to score against Crystal Palace the weekend prior. The Cityzens lead with 22 total goals. Of those goals, 18 have come from inside the box and 4 from outside. Manchester United are second and trailing their crosstown rivals by just one goal, with 19 goals coming from inside the box and 2 from outside. Crystal Palace have yet to score any goals in the Premier League after seven games. Swansea are the second lowest scoring team with still only 3 goals being scored (2 from inside the box, 1 from outside of the box).

Crosses: Last week, Everton had the highest cross success rate at 30% and Burnley was a very close second. After seven games, Liverpool has the most successful crossing rate of any team. They have 139 total crosses being made and 40 have been successful. This puts their success rate just under 30% (28.8% to be precise). Everton is the second most successful crossing team in the league. The Toffees have made 134 total crosses 37 of which have been successful. That puts them at a success rate of 27.6%. Huddersfield Town now has the lowest successful crosses in the Premier League, with a rate of 15.9% of their 164 total crosses being successful. Bournemouth has the second lowest cross success rate, having just 17.9% of their 134 total crosses being successful.

Corners: After seven games, Swansea have the highest corner conversion rate at 50%. They have taken 18 total corners throughout the season. Burnley has the second highest conversion rate through the same amount of games with 28 total corners taken and 46.4% of them being successful. Teams with the lowest corner conversion rate again include Chelsea and Arsenal. Chelsea have taken 35 total corners and 8.6% have been successful. Arsenal have a success rate of 15.6% after 45 total corners.

That is your attacking statistics round up. Liverpool has dominated the attacking statistics that are related to goal buildup, but the one that matters the most (actually scoring goals) is deficient compared to their rivals in the top four. Crystal Palace have yet to score a goal, making for a sad, but very impressive goal scoring drought. Thanks for reading, and be sure to comment, share, like, and repost.