Deconstructing Hulk

This week on Canary and Blue, Jimmy and Chase invite 60 for 60 writer Matt Hintze to discuss Hulk’s potential transfer to the Premier League, RW options for Brazil, the potential introduction of Fabinho, and more! Follow up on Twitter @canaryandbluefp.

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  1. John Hintze

    Great topics and thoughts this week. Its always interesting to hear thoughts about players and teams. Hulk is clearly a blast from the “past”. I would agree that he is still as athletic and powerful as when he entered the BPL. Does that matter though? As he matures, could he change or really should he change to be more creative? If so, would he be a premier player? Probably not. I think the question for him is what coach fits his style or is willing to change their style to utilize his strengths. Lets look at some other players who are almost an anti-Hulk type player. Look back several years to when Juan Mata played at Chelsea. He’s wasn’t a powerhouse player, but a skilled brilliant player (who sees the field and utilizes his skill to support players). At Chelsea he was expected to be more independently creative. As a result he struggled to keep the ball. He was easily pushed off the ball and lost most tackles. I would say he was not as effective as he could of been due to that coaching style. With his move to Manchester he has been a pivotal player on the team. Did he change or was the team ready for someone like him. His execution on selecting the right pass (on the ground, in the air, direct or indirect) and executing has been nothing short of flawless. He has helped raise Manchester back into the hunt for the title. Here’s another player of a different sort. The tall lanky Peter Crouch who is an athletic football anomaly. I would bet you he would not be your first choice for a team, but he still plays a successful role on his team. Has he had to change or become more skilled with his feet? Obviously not, he is a heading supper star that can create havoc when utilized properly.
    My opinion is that Hulk will not see time within the top half of the BPL if someone takes another chance on him. Would he leave the lucrative deal he has to play on the bottom 4 or 5 teams? Thats an emphatic no. Now we’re down to a quarter of the teams. He could probably add value, but he wouldn’t be a game changer for the remaining 5 teams.
    Do you move back to be on a team that is surviving in the league but is not going to win. So the ultimate question is, would you (or he) return to the BPL to just be in the league or play internationally and get paid?

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