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Hanging Cleats (tax ID number: 82-0568034) is a non-profit organization with one GOAL in mind, to provide a better path for underprivileged children in a world where drugs, gangs and violence dominate their lives. Our targets are areas around the North World with lower resources where schools and other parks have run down soccer facilities and/or drug usage and violence is high.

Hanging Cleats was founded and being supported by Football Purists who want to give back to the sport we all love.

Our missions to these areas consist of three basic projects:

  1. Construction or reconstruction of soccer fields, building new goals, stands and cleaning
    the pitch.
  2. Donation of soccer related equipment, giving new and/or used soccer balls, cleats,
    shin guards, socks, shorts and jerseys.
  3. Soccer Clinics, teaching basic and advanced soccer skills, leadership and group building

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